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1.Reed, Marthe. 'The Poem As Liminal Place-Moment: John Kinsella, Mei-Mei Bersenbrugge, Christopher Dewdney And Eavan Boland'. N.p., 2015. Web. 2 Mar. 2015.

 Marthe Reed A. M., M. A. is the first guest of Palimpestical with respect to her thesis presented at the University of Western Australia. 
     With respect to the first paragraph of her abstract, Palimpestical agrees that while 'place' is "richly resonant" for some "scholars", "the poet herself's" liminal place-moment is one which the scholar must be necessarily inarticulate about, because it is the poet's "herself". 
      If Marthe Reed A. M., M. A. were in at a liminal place-momentof her own, she perhaps would articualte this scholastically, at her own discretion; however, it would be an individual place-moment,liminally, or not.   

 With respect to this article and my guest, Deanne Quarrie, who recognizes "Liminal Time' and 'Liminal Space' as two distinct 
terms, what would be a 'Liminal Place- Moment?' With respect to this article, I believe that moments 
of time are forms in which an intergradation occurs, the grade perhaps arguabley 'liminal', in some degree  
of the grade or form.  See subpage 'Intergradation' to main page 'Define Palimpest'.
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