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    To a young boy that was perhaps approaching puberty, such as once was the author, B. A. Ramsey, the sugestion of the seventies' glam rock generation that satellites, which nowadays are taken for granted, but then perhaps a "wagon wheel", that we were not quite sure of, except 'spoke-spoke' might have a say about something this "Thin White Duke" - if a friend could be acknowẃledged - if, moreover, a fantasticor could be now- who is found in his right mind, and "mere imagination", a bias of Oxford University no less, might well have informed a generation, inspite of the fact that western governments are launching satellites into space that only naturally fall down after they serve to 'transform' (and never should be more proper to say 'transpond') a New York conversation, "rattling in my head." Then, goodnight Ladies, because its Saturday Night - and, in some respects "Fever", anyway.
     Or, after all, a synonym of "palimpsest"; if mathematically speaking, a transform is accurately an expression derived from another by tranformation. Indeed, if it were ever going to be a 'satellite of love', a gang of us peanuts would certainly know that it was less about the English Channel, and all future transpondence, to say the least.
      Poor David Bowie felt that fans my age just wanted television and the future of his performance was at stake, but it didn't take much for me or my own generation to say that we were more or less heroes, anyway.  So David, let's face it, if "television channel" is too hard to sing in blues chord progression, it must just be this TVC with a number attached to it. And, believe it or not, B. A. Ramsey's present room, is blue, and electric, because I'm wired for sound, finally.
     If television can "transform", why must a satelite 'transpond'. A few of us wondered then, and why they were always right; then what happened, did B. A. Ramsey like the Doors too much when he discovered great sex in highschool, and ask "Who scared you?" San Franscisco genocide? Or just some Rocky Horror? Or a legislature throughout the world that has to understand a Lex Reginae rather than the less sinister, Lex Regis! "The unit in the IFF system that receives the challenge, and automatically transmits the reply." [Army and Navy Journal, 1945.] "I've been told that you've been bold with Harry, Mark, and John/ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, with Harry, Mark, and John" - or T-Rex, I only know. 
     Or, perhaps B. A. Ramsey is ghost writer for the 'Black Spider Papers', because that Prince of Wales said that shall suffice.
    But How can I ever get Olivia Newton John into bed when Sandy's skin tight trousers in Grease were only a special effect and no fashion like that then existed? Tell me more...
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