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The Old Black Letters

Bradley A. Ramsey B.A.

The Black English Letters



Which letter is unaccountable, that makes any language, and ‘particularly’ our own,  more difficult to be learned, and especially by foreigners?

And here I cannot but remark how we have acted in the reverse; [Verify]



That theme: the thistle thumb,

Thus that the thatch thou theme,

Thou thousand theme the crumb,

That thistle thatch the dream

This theme: thou thatch the crumb,

Thou thousand thistle dream,

The thatch and thousand thumb,

Thatch thistle thou redeem.

That thistle thatch the theme,

The thatch and thistle thumb,

The thousand thou esteem,

This thatch and thistle dumb.

That thatch the theme this thistle,

Thou thousand thus thumb,

Thumb thus thousand thou thistle

This theme the thatch that Summed.


Rule of Thumb: exempla passim, quibus brevitatis ergo supercedeo.

Visa Latina: cedo, cedere, cessi, cessum Quidlibet Videt: cedeo

Sempiternus  debemus debere: The examples or precedents, which are of (1) lowness, as of structure, etc. and (2) shortness, brevity, therefore I shall leave to remain.  Non Superbe Fatum Superimpositum, sed

The Eighth English Black Letter In Quest Of The Divine Plato  

And The Sigean Monument That Was Voucher In Late Antiquity

And Examined Ca 1600-1700’s

Davinis et davinae daviorum davinite daviant.

The gods, or canonized saints, who pertain to or come from God and a goddess, are foretelling things to come with their divinity.

Sed, Dominus Iluminatio Meus Alma Mater ex Syllabo, velut arbor etcetera.

Question: Is no value to a purchase of an enactment to guarantee appeal to any Court of Canada that shall deem a worth reckoned to the purchase of one court that is without jurisdiction of law under any Court of Canada?

Videt. Interject. Exultantis, Dolentis, Corripietis!


Avus, i; m. patris matrisfve pater (ex Heb.]x pater, vel quivis majorum)


Velut arbor aevo, ambo te.

Require Dissert. ac ad accuse. Cam. Require Law. 1987-Registrar.


Old G > Figure > ___ > Hebrew   

Figure> ___ > De Gilvo > ]x avus

Absurdum Sumus 98/100 =  Euro .02 / 50, 000, 000, 000

A Quatrain Inspired Nominative To Vocative Column In The Old Black English Letter                                                                                                                                                               

                                 Lost In A Prescript of Aspiritative!

O! Brave; rarely done

Of theme to owe one and one,

With gifts no gender gave,

O! Nominative of Gone.

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